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Energy bites

A quick and easy recipe for you today. These energy bites are protein loaded with peanut butter, chia seeds, and pumpkin seeds. They are a perfect afternoon pick me up with a cup of coffee or a guilt-free snack to hand out to always hungry toddlers. I love having my refrigerator stocked with these bites.

Are you ready for the recipe?

Here goes. Step one, mix all ingredients together. It is essentially that simple. I’ll give a couple tips for the easiest rolling methods, but it does not take much effort to make this snack.


1 1/2 cups Peanut Butter

3/4 cup Honey

4 cups Oats

1 cup Chia seeds

1 cup Pumpkin Seeds (or sunflower seeds)

1 tsp Vanilla

Mix the ingredients very well. I look all fancy here using a spoon. Don’t believe it, I dug my hands in and mixed it that way. Sticky, peanut butter fingers are the only way I can get an even blend of all the ingredients.

You may begin rolling balls from here. What I like to do, however, is to press the mixture into a pan and refrigerate for an hour or so. This helps it set up enough that it rolls and forms balls more easily.

After your hour is up, or 3 hours, wherever you are in your day. Take the tray out with a favorite spoon or scoop and begin forming balls.

Assemble balls in your Tupperware of choose and store in refrigerator for convenient snacking all week long!

If you want to change things up a bit, a puree of dates works well in exchange for honey to hold the ingredients together. I like a 50/50 blend of the two for maximum flavor.

To make the date puree, simply boil water and pour over dates to let soften for an hour or so…and then blend them up.

This recipe can be done very quickly a food processor.

Also I’ve gotten lazy and stopped rolling mine. I just cut them into squares instead and they still taste great 😉


Published by faithlikefireweed

I am a wife and mother in the Great state of Alaska. I write about faith, food, and family, and finding extravagant grace in simple living.

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