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What’s in a Name: Mother’s Day Reflections

Motherhood is a job of teaching and correcting, loving and giving, it’s keeping house in the physical and emotional sense because sometimes that house you’re keeping is just room in your soul for little hearts to grow bolder. It’s a job of creative manipulation and constant service. It’s refining and holy and strange and beautiful because, as much as it is a job of teaching…it’s much more a job of learning.

Growing Pains: The Value of Preparation

Preparation. We need it for everything; food, building, family outings or road trips, education, etc. All areas of our life are touched by preparation. Before I leave the house with my children I can usually be found stuffing a bag with an extra pair of underwear, a couple water bottles, some reading material, a snack or two, toilet paper or hand sanitizer if we’re going to an unpredictable public park. I prepare the bags, the truck, myself and I often forget about our hearts.

A Year Inside These Walls

Well, we have reached the one year mark of this whole Covid craziness. About this time last year I was in Hawaii, soaking up the sun and the rumors of the Covid crisis reaching the U.S. were starting to flood in. We returned home early to quarantine properly and have spent the majority of theContinue reading “A Year Inside These Walls”

Advent with the Jesus Storybook Bible

  There is frost on the trees at my house and the glittering crystals are getting me excited for the most wonderful time of the year…Christmas. I love Christmas. The lights, the smells, the snow, the look of wonder on my children’s faces, the giving of gifts and, most of all, the pause to celebrate JesusContinue reading “Advent with the Jesus Storybook Bible”

Apheresis Awareness (Diary of a Donor)

Well, I wasn’t sure just how much of the process I wanted to share. It was immensely personal and I don’t want to use it an opportunity to make myself sound better than I really am. On another note, it was an insanely educational and encouraging experience that can facilitate healthy discussion. I made upContinue reading “Apheresis Awareness (Diary of a Donor)”