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A Year Inside These Walls

Well, we have reached the one year mark of this whole Covid craziness. About this time last year I was in Hawaii, soaking up the sun and the rumors of the Covid crisis reaching the U.S. were starting to flood in. We returned home early to quarantine properly and have spent the majority of theContinue reading “A Year Inside These Walls”

Marriage, Sarcasm, and Potatoes

What does the history of the Irish Potato Famine have to do with my family? I’m so glad you asked. Let me tell you a story. Sometime ago, between 1 week or 5. I’m not sure I keep count the same anymore. Thank you, Quarantine. I made a mostly sarcastic comment to my husband aboutContinue reading “Marriage, Sarcasm, and Potatoes”

Burdens and Blessing among Believers

My little barefoot gardener. She is helping water the plants at my parent’s house. We are tending them as they seek healing out of state.  To be honest, I am still reeling from the news. Trying to justify the sickness I am aware of with the healthy, strong man who has been a super-hero toContinue reading “Burdens and Blessing among Believers”